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Mike's Radio Demo

Mike has over a decade of experience voicing radio commercials, liners, and promos.

He has also been honored to receive statewide honors from the Pennsylvania Association of Broadcasters for "Outstanding Radio Commercial" in 2012.

Mike's Demo

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Rachel's Radio Demo

Rachel has been a performer since she was a child, so voice acting comes naturally to her.

She has starred in her own YouTube video series, and she garnered a "Best Supporting Actress" nomination for her stage work in the 2009 Pittsburgh New Works Festival.

Rachel's Demo

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Independent Film Trailer

VoM doesn't only do professional-grade radio spots. The below video is a teaser-trailer for an independent feature film in pre-production.

(The video itself was not produced by VoM - we only provided the voiceover)

Video Game Character

There's nothing we like quite as much as being someone else for a while. Voicing a video game character serves the double purpose of letting us explore different places while providing you with colorful characters.

Below is the trailer for a video game sequel that was, unfortunately, never made. However, it utilizes a portion of the first game where Mike plays a wise, patient grandmaster. His voice begins about 49 seconds in. (The female role, "Phoenix," is played by actress Diana Slickman.)